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Drive revenue faster with predictive marketing

Fliptop’s predictive applications help B2B companies pinpoint their best leads, accounts, opportunities and marketing programs and gain competitive advantage.

Increase lead conversion rates and velocity.

“Using Fliptop we were able to increase our lead to MQL rate by over 2x and reduce our conversion time by 3x.”

Joe Lucas

Director of Demand Gen & Marketing Operations

Identify the companies most likely to buy

“Before Fliptop, trying to build a target account list was slow and error prone process. Now we use Fliptop’s software to align our sales and marketing teams.”

Brian Kelly


Focus sales efforts and reduce pipeline risk

“I rely on Fliptop’s predictive forecasting. Fliptop’s prediction of our MRR was within $500 of the actual number last month.”

Shawn Cook

SVP of Sales
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